How to Find a Good Cash Home Buyer

When selling a home, the focus is often on getting the maximum price. After all, who doesn’t want to get the most money out of their house? But getting top dollar typically takes time—and money. Wondering if there is a way on how to find a good cash home buyer in your area? For some homeowners, it makes more sense to find that good cash home buyer, especially someone who is local! A local company will know more about the area, the state of the market and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Benefits of a Good Cash Home Buyer

Putting a home on the market in the traditional way involves a fair amount of inconvenience to you as homeowner, beginning with showings, followed by visits from inspectors and an appraisal. You run the risk that those inspections could turn up problems you’ll be asked to remedy, costing both time and money. The appraisal may not meet the lender’s requirements, one of many reasons the buyer’s financing could fall through, killing the deal and putting you back at square one. If everything goes smoothly, you can still expect to wait from 30 to 45 days, and sometimes longer, before you can close on the sale and get paid. 

All the time, money and risks of putting a home on the market mean that for some homeowners, the speed of the deal is even more important than getting every possible cent from the sale.

A home may be in distressed physical condition and the owner doesn’t have the resources or desire to make the repairs necessary to put it on the market. Or, the homeowner could be under any number of other constraints–threat of foreclosure, death in the family or pending divorce–that make selling a property quickly the top priority. In some cases, a home is inherited and the new owner simply wants to get their cash out of the property as quickly as possible.

If you find yourself facing circumstances like these and need to sell your house quickly, without a lot of added expense and inconvenience, finding a good cash home buyer is likely the answer. 

Finding a Cash Buyer

You can skip the headache and enlist the help of a good cash home buyer to get a fair price for your home and move on. No costly and time-consuming repairs. No home tours. No worrying that buyer financing will fall through. While you shouldn’t expect the very top dollar on the sale, you can expect a fair price based on your home’s market value. More importantly, you will avoid the inconveniences, time and out-of-pocket expenses of putting your home on the market.

A cash buyer will be able to make you an offer, then close according to your schedule, whether you need to close as soon as possible or prefer to wait a few days longer.

You can find a qualified cash buyer in a number of ways. Local bank auctions of houses tend to generate interest from cash buyers, so attending a few could put you in touch with a buyer for your home. You could also reach out to a trusted real estate agent, although they may try to persuade you to list your home instead. Cash buyers often send out direct mail postcards or place signs in neighborhoods, advertising that they pay cash for houses. You can also check public records and look for someone who has purchased multiple houses in the past year or so. 

Unfortunately, all of these methods take time and most are inconvenient. There’s also no guarantee they’ll help you find a good cash home buyer. The best way to quickly find a qualified buyer for your home is simply to do some online research to find a cash buyer in your area. When your search finds one, start by looking at the company’s website, check their reviews and read about their home buying process. After just a few minutes of research you should be able to stop asking, how do I find a good cash home buyer when you get to Valley Residential Group’s website!

Get a Fair Offer with a Good Cash Home Buyer

A reputable and good cash home buyer is not going to require a laundry list of repairs. In fact, you won’t even have to do a deep clean or even tidy up. You also won’t have to worry that the deal will fall through over financing because cash buyers have their financing already in place, enabling them to pay cash when a property becomes available.

After you provide some basic information about your home, you can expect the cash buyer to look at your home to determine a fair price. No showings or other inconveniences. After the initial walkthrough, you will receive an offer for your consideration. If you accept, you can choose your closing date and get ready to be paid.

It’s that easy. 

The last thing you want when you are already under stress is to add to it. After you stopped asking yourself how to find a good cash home buyer, you’re ready to take the next step and call! Once you’ve identified a reputable cash buyer, you can relax, knowing you will have your cash in hand within a matter of days and get on with your life. It’s fast, painless, and 100% free. Plus, you are under no obligation to accept the offer, making it risk-free as well. Now that you’ve learned how to find a cash home buyer, get ready to sell your home. If your property is in Connecticut, contact Valley Residential Group to sell quickly without the hassle.

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