How Can I Sell My Home Fast?

There are many reasons why you may be asking, “how can I sell my home fast?” Whether you live in a housing market that moves quickly on its own or not, this is rarely a sale you want to let languish. You may need the money to move, to put into a new property, etc. We get it! At Valley Residential Group, we are here to help you do just that. No more wondering, how can I sell my home fast?

Methods of Quick Home Sales

There are a few different ways to quickly sell your house, though each will naturally have its own timeline, so you will want to decide on the best method for your specific needs.

FSBO or For Sale By Owner

Selling your home yourself without the hassle of engaging a listing agent may allow for a quicker sale (especially in the case that you know of a potential buyer). However, this benefit can also pose some drawbacks. If you do not know of a potential buyer, it is up to you to find one. All advertising is up to you, whether you post it to your personal network or open the sale up to the public market. Additionally, all of the negotiations are your task as well, including the showings, inspections, appraisals, contracts, pricing, and more.

How to Sell My Home Fast with an Agent

Of course, you can always go the traditional route and hire a listing agent to do the work of advertising and finding a buyer so you can easily answer, “How can I sell my home fast?”. An agent can certainly make this task easier, taking on the responsibility of preparation work, sale negotiations, showing your house to all potential buyers, conducting open house events, and helping to navigate the inspections and appraisals, and closings.

But there are downsides to this method as well. It may take time for the agent to find a suitable buyer among interested parties. And on top of this, you will also have to pay them a commission fee for their help (how much this entails can depend upon your specific market). The most inconvenient part is the unknown of when will the house sell and for how much. 

Sell My Home Fast with Alternative Methods

However, at Valley Residential Group, we have a different method to help you sell your home quickly: sell to us. Like a listing agent, we help to remove a large portion of the typical amount of work that goes into home sales. Unlike a listing agent, we will make an offer on your home without the need to wait for a suitable buyer or deal!

We help you shuck off the hassle of home sales, so gone are the days of tedious prep work, such as:

  • Staging. You will not have to showcase or stage your home, so the only organizing you will need to do is when you move to your next destination!
  • Professional Cleaning. Without the hassle of dealing with buyer walk-throughs, you will not need to worry about deep cleaning the house for presentation either!
  • Repairs. Additionally, if the home needs any repairs, we will handle these as well. No need to worry about last minute plumbing, maintenance, or the like.
  • Inspections, Appraisals and Mortgage contingencies. Since we are the buyers and will pay cash, there is no need for any of it.
  • Open Houses. We will not bring buyers through your home, because we are the buyer. One appointment with us is all it takes!

How can I sell my home fast without an agency or an Ad? We handle that too. Unlike a listing agent, we additionally do not take commissions from the purchase of your home, since the offer comes from us. There are no mortgage contingencies to our cash offer on your home, and you are not obligated to accept our offer.

How Does This Offer Work?

If you decide to check out the option of selling to Valley Residential Group, we have a short, simple process of home buying to make things as convenient and easy for you as possible.

Step 1: A Fair Offer

Within approximately 24 hours of seeing your property, we will get you a competitive offer. The best part is that this is typically regardless of the age, condition, or repairs needed on your home! Sometimes as-is sales are necessary, and no two homes are going to need the same work since none have the same story. One of the benefits we provide is an offer tailor-made for your needs.

Step 2: Sell My Home Fast with Convenience

Since the offer comes to you directly, we remove the nuisance of deciding on whether or not to hire a listing agent, since there is no need for cleaning, staging, showings, appraisals, inspectors, or possible mortgage contingencies. We can even offer a cash sale, and the closing can be scheduled at your convenience. This is rarely possible with an agent or even a retail buyer, where closings can be a complicated and lengthy affair.

Step 3: Move On!

We help you answer, “how can I sell my home fast?” with the resources at our disposal. We are able to buy your home in an efficient and timely manner, without the hassle of a traditional sales approach. When it comes time to close, you get the money directly! This lets you move more quickly to your next home or adventure.

When you are ready to sell your home, give Valley Residential Group a call at (860) 589-4663. We are prepared to help you sell quickly and remove all the hassle and confusion of traditional home sales. Contact us and we’ll meet with you at the property to give you all the details on a possible off

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