How to Sell a House You Inherited in Farmington

Owning, maintaining, and especially selling an inherited home in Connecticut is not as easy as people might lead you to believe! There are tons of resources online with tips on how to sell a house you inherited in Farmington, read on to learn a few right here.

Options to Sell a House You Inherited

The first thing that should be said is we’re so sorry for your loss. Navigating these tough times can already be a challenge, but when you then have to prepare your loved one’s home for sale – which could mean depersonalizing their room or clearing out belongings – it can really seem like a lot to handle. Then there is the cost of marketing the house in order to attract buyers and allow them to parade all through the house on their schedule.

Usually, it is up to those closest to the deceased to have to handle all of these affairs when you try to sell a house you inherited in Farmington. Consequently, bad feelings and disagreements sometimes arise.

We have seen all of these things over our 15+ years of buying properties in Farmington and all over Connecticut. Therefore, we have compiled a few points that you may want to consider. As always, consult a local professional before making any decisions.

Get Some Advice

Information is our friend here! Every property and every situation are different. It is important to seek our professional advice to sell a house you inherited. You should understand the probate status of your property as well as the status of the mortgage and any possible liens. Seek out a local real estate attorney to help get yourself organized to sell.

Get on Top of Probate to Sell a House You Inherited

As stated above, for the probate end of your sale, you might need to seek out a professional’s advice, especially if you’re dealing with a complicated estate. There is a pathway you must follow to get the house through probate and able to be sold, it is key to being able to move on! You don’t want your property hung up in probate court, costing you unnecessary holding costs when you are just trying to sell a house you inherited.

Holding Costs and House Sales Timeline

Once your property makes it through probate court, you are allowed to sell a house you inherited in Farmington. During this time, we recommend familiarizing yourself with all of the holding costs included with this Farmington, CT home. Do you pay taxes annually? Biannually? How often is the water company paid? Are you in a special tax district? Once you have a good grip on the holding costs associated with the house then you can begin to really think about how to sell a house you inherited in Farmington. Are you in a rush? Do you have all the time and money to sink into this property? It’s up to you!

How to Sell a House You Inherited:

Agreeing to Sell

Once your property has made it through probate court, your family is able to talk about options to sell a house you inherited. Sometimes when there are multiple heirs to an estate, there can be multiple views and opinions on how to proceed. Writing out all the facts and figures and getting on the same page can really help ease the selling process of an inherited home. Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say!

Preparing to Sell

A property that belonged to an elderly loved one might require some repairs or a bit of updating before you go ahead and list the property with a real estate agent. They also often advise you to depersonalize and declutter the property. Cleaning, organizing, and painting are three things you will become very familiar with in the next few weeks to come if you take this route!

If your family made it past the Agree to Sell phase but is not happy with the amount of time, money, and work it will take to prepare the property for sale and ultimately wait for a buyer, then finding alternative options can ease some minds.

Here at Valley Residential Group, we approach each homeowner with an empathetic and comprehensive approach, always being sure to respect your needs and concerns. We believe the best solution is one that is uniquely tailored to you and can ease all of your worries in order to make a meaningful difference during a difficult time.

What Makes Our Offer Different?

At Valley Residential Group, we can buy your property AS-IS (no cleaning, no repairs!). We can close on your timeline! No, seriously – you tell us when! Contact us today to learn more about the way we’re changing the home-selling profession for the better when you are trying to sell a house you inherited!

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