Have you found yourself wondering, “Why won’t my house sell in Avon?”

We’ve been hearing it everywhere: hot housing market, multiple offers, above asking price, etc. The media is practically shouting about what a wild ride we’ve watched the housing market go on. So, where’s your contract? Have you been asking around, “why won’t my house sell in Avon?”. Well you’re not the only one. Lots of Hartford County homeowners have been wondering lately, why won’t my house sell in Avon?!

These tips could be that final touch to get your house sold!

5 Tips to Help Get Your House Sold!

1) Get Good Help!

History sure does repeat itself, and just like before there are novice agents and investors rushing into this “hot market” we find ourselves in. Although they are educated and newly passionate about Real Estate, sometimes a tricky listing or tricky situation needs a special someone. Don’t trust just anyone’s advice. Always do your due diligence when you’re working with a professional.

2) Don’t make too many improvements.

Even with the best of intentions. Doing unnecessary improvements to your home could really narrow your buying field. Everyone has their dream home in mind, it’s best to simplify your home and allow potential buyers to really visualize themselves living there.

3) DO make necessary improvements.

Holes in flooring, peeling paint … certain items can really scare off a potential buyer. Have the improvements done that show you’re a responsible homeowner and this property has been cared for.

4) Style and Design Matter!

This is also known as your home’s “curb appeal”. A generally clean, cohesive, and tidy space will sell faster than a home with many specific design elements or a home that is cluttered. Simplifying your home will help potential buyers envision themselves there!

5) Pricing matters most!

If you’re getting a lot of showings, but no offers, it could mean the price does not reflect what people think your house is listed for. There are a ton of elements that go into selling a home, but the right listing price will either attract or repel buyers!

While there is no magic formula to selling a house – however, there are ways to improve your odds!

So, if prepping, fixing, listing, waiting and hoping sounds like something you don’t want to go through, then give us a call today for your no obligation consultation! We buy properties in Avon from people like you who need to sell fast and don’t want to deal with listing their house!

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