Is selling to an investor a scam?

Hear me out… Yes, you’re reading this post, on an investor’s website but with a little more exposure, you’ll quickly learn the connotation that accompanies real estate investors is simply not the case all the time. With just a little bit of effort you can spare yourself the hassles of dealing with a dishonest or unknowledgeable investor.

Should You Sell Your House To an Investor?

The best tip that could be given to figure out if you’re dealing with a reputable home purchasing company is, do you research! Start your search with companies local to your area. They will know the most about the market in your location and will have more resources available to you. Poke around on that company’s website. Typically, you can get a bit of background information and learn about the company that way. You can also check to see if they are a part of the Better Business Bureau or Angie’s List. Just reading the reviews or testimonials is also often helpful! This information will ensure you’re dealing with a reputable company and not a scam or a newbie to the business.

From there, feel free to call in. Between the information you’ve gathered on your own and a short conversation with a company representative, you’ll very quickly be able to form a baseline opinion. If the company advertises, “as-is, no fees, no commission”, be sure that this is really the case. The biggest red flag for spotting a scam is the company not holding true to their advertisement or word. Checking over the small details is one of the best ways to be sure.

While I will not speak for other companies, here at Valley Residential Group, the individual who will make an offer on your home is a licensed real estate professional, we use a standard Connecticut Real Estate Purchase Contract and lawyers handle the closing. Without respectful and transparent business interactions, we simply would not be celebrating a decade in business!

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